Al’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning provides Maintenance, Repair & Replacement services for Plumbing & HVAC

Since 1989,  Al’s has served southern Denton & Collin counties, northern Dallas County & northeast Tarrant County with up to a 12 Truck Service Fleet to serve you promptly. We are locally owned & operated.

This Is What You Get With Al’s:

  • Al’s Has Served DFW Since 1989
  • Full-Service Plumbing
  • HVAC Maintenance & Repair
  • HVAC-System Replacement
  • City Permits Pulled As Required
  • City Inspections Scheduled As Required
  • 12 Service Trucks-Prompt Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Same-Day Service (typically)
  • Every Al’s Plumbers is Licensed
  • Licensed & Uniformed Technicians
  • Brand-Specific Replacements
  • Professional-Grade Replacements
  • Repairs/Installations Evaluated and Price-Quote Given Up Front
  • You Pay Only The Quoted Amount
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Other Financing Options Available Through Wells Fargo

Al’s Gives Back To The Community…

December 2016: The City of Murphy, TX rallied around Mr. and Mrs. Harold Savage & their 3 grandchildren.  He is a School Crossing Guard who’s raising 3 of their grandchildren with his wife, who has been diagnosed with Cancer earlier in the year.  With all the couple are dealing with, their mobile home, located in Collin County, TX had fallen into severe disrepair.

The City of Murphy, the Murphy & Parker Fire Departments, friends & neighbors, and a group of Merchants (including Al’s Plumbing & HVAC) pooled their collective resources to make their Holidays as special as the family they helped.  They were able to bring the family of 5 into a new home for the Holidays.  We invite you to learn about what was accomplished to make life better for Mr. and Mrs. Savage & their 3 grandchildren by clicking on this link: Murphy TX rallies around one if its own.  (Note: There is a delay, after the commercial, before the video about the family loads).

Discounts Available For:

PAYMENT: Al’s accepts cash, checks, Visa & MasterCard.  For larger purchases, Al’s has Special Financing available to qualified buyers (see “Financing” for details).

Al’s offers Full-Service plumbing.  This includes; clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, water heater replacement for both tankless and tank water heaters, water-line repair & replacement, sewer-line repair / replacement (under slab or in lawn), trenchless sewer line replacement (in lawn only), slab leak repair, burst pipe repair, repiping, leak detection, water filtration systems, and gas line repair / replacement.   This is only a partial list, Al’s performs ALL Plumbing Repairs & Replacements.

Al’s Plumbing Installs only Rheem Professional Grade Water Heaters

Rheem Professional Grade Water Heaters are not available at Big-Box, Discount Home Centers.   
Rheem_Classic_Standard_Tall_Electric Hot Water Heater

If it does not say Professional on the label, it’s not Professional Grade.

Rheem Professional Grade Has These Features:

  • Thicker Porcelain Liner inside water storage tank extends tank life.
  • Premium Anode-Rod attracts corrosive elements in water, extending tank life.
  • Self Cleaning – fights sediment build-up with a high-velocity spiraling water stream.  This increases energy efficiency and tank life.
  • Electric Water Heaters have Copper (upper) & Stainless Steel (lower) heating elements.
  • Gas Water Heaters have a Protective Control that disables the heater if flammable vapors are present.
  • Air/fuel shut-off device stops gas flow if something goes wrong.
  • Eco-friendly NOx burner.  Nox gas burners have improved energy efficiency and lower exhaust-emissions.

Al’s Repairs or Replaces Water & Sewer Pipes Under The Slab With Tunneling

Al’s tunnels under the slab (from outside the home) versus busting through the slab inside the house.
tunnel under slab to sewer pipes

Under-Slab Tunneling allows all repairs from outside the home

cutting through post tension slab

Busting through slab to make repairs requires slab and Floor-Coverings repair

With Under-Slab Tunneling:

  • Your home’s interior is undisturbed.
  • You don’t have to move out of your home.
  • You don’t have damaged Floor-Coverings to repair or replace.
  • There are no toxic microorganisms introduced to you home during sewer pipes repair /  replacement.
  • Your home’s slab is left in one piece — the way it was designed and built to be. **
  • There is no risk of cutting a Post-Tensioned Cable. **

**  Newer homes have Post-Tension Slabs.  These slabs have metal cables inside the slab which are tightened extremely tight (to add strength to the slab).  post tension slab during construction

Post-Tension Slab during construction.  Home Builders stamp a warning to not cut or drill the slab.

cable tensioning machine for post tension slab

Each Post-Tension steel cable is tightened up to 5,000 Pounds Per Square Inch

Post-Tensioning is a method of reinforcing the concrete slab with high-strength metal cables (run inside plastic tubes).  After the concrete cures, these cables are tightened to up to 5,000 pounds per square inch.  Cutting or drilling through these cables will release this pressure, potentially causing personally injury.   The slab was designed and built to depend on each cable.  If a cable is cut, the slab loses compressive-strength in that area.

Yes, post-tension slabs can be repaired if a cable is cut.  This repair is expensive, and becomes even more so if the cable tears through the surface of the slab & Floor-Coverings inside the home as it contacts (after being cut).  If a cable is cut, your Home Owners Insurance may advise the repairs must be paid for by the Contractor’s Liability Insurance.

Here is an Article with more detail: Explanation of Post-Tension Slab & cutting a cable

Al’s Has Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement (in lawn)   

We can do this with Trenchless Sewer Replacement Using Pipe-Bursting Technology.  This eliminates digging up your lawn for the entire length of pipe being replaced.

With Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement:

  • Your lawn is left nearly undisturbed.
  • Very little grass is damaged and lawn restoration is limited to 2 holes.
  • Your landscaping and trees are left in tact.

diagram showing pipe burstingSTEP 1: A small hole is dug on each end of the line.

square hole dug for pipe bursting equipment

  • A machine (that pulls) is put in the hole (closest to the street).
  • New flexible pipe is inserted in the other end.

photo of pipe bursting

STEP 2: The machine goes underground, bursting the old pipe and pulling a new pipe in the same location.

STEP 3:  Fill the two holes.

These repairs are only some of what Al’s can do for your plumbing.  We do any type of plumbing repair and replacement — and no job is too big or too small.


Al’s Provides Full-Service HVAC Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements

Since 1989, Al’s has provided Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements for Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Furnaces.  We repair all brands of HVAC Systems plus Sell & Install new HVAC Systems from American Standard, Ameristar (owned by the same company as American Standard & Trane) and Coleman HVAC.

Quality Service — Our HVAC Technicians are Experienced & Nate Certified


NATE-Certified Technicians have demonstrated knowledge of today’s sophisticated HVAC Systems by passing a nationally recognized competency test.

With a NATE-Certified Technician, you are getting a Technician Trained to provide the best installation and service, ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency from your heating and cooling system. Better installation and service also mean a longer life for your HVAC System.

Quality Products – Consumer Reports says American Standard Is The Most Reliable Brand

american standard platinum gold silver series hvac

  • American Standard ranks first for Central Air Conditioner Reliability, with a 20% failure rate.  Amana is worst at 30%.
  • American Standard ties for 2nd place for Gas Furnace Reliability, with a 9% failure rate.  York is worst at 19%.
  • American Standard ranks first for Heat Pump Reliability, with a 31% failure rate.  York is worst at 50%.

** Source:

** Results are based on Consumer Reports’ 2015 Fall Product Reliability Survey of 6,761 owners of conventional central air conditioning systems and 9,486 owners of HVAC Systems with heat pumps that were purchased new between 2008 and 2015.


Al’s provides HVAC Maintenance Services to Reduce Cooling & Heating Bills & Improve Your Comfort

Condenser Cleaning (outside unit)

very dirty and clogged a/c condenser coil

A Dirty Condenser Coil:

  • Increases operating costs by up to 30% according to U.S. Dept. Of Energy.
  • May reduce indoor comfort because A/C can’t keep up with cooling demand.
  • Shortens condenser life.

 Evaporator (cooling) Coil Cleaning (inside furnace and can’t be seen)

molded home central a/c evaporator coil

Very dirty cooling (evaporator) coil with evidence of mold present

A Dirty Evaporator Coil:

  • Increases operating costs.
  • Provides an ideal environment for mold, with Mold Spores blowing throughout your home.
  • Can freeze up due to reduced air-flow.
  • Shortens A/C lifespan because A/C must run much longer.

home central a/c evaporator coil iced up

Frozen Cooling (Evaporator) Coil

Ductwork Cleaning

ductwork before and after cleaning

molded hvac ductwork

Mold growing inside air ductwork

Dirty Ductwork:

  • Distributes air-born contaminants (like dust and pet hair & dander) throughout your home.
  • Provides an ideal environment for mold during the summer (due to high humidity levels that cause ductwork to sweat), resulting in Mold Spores blowing throughout your home.

    Ductwork Inspection and Sealing

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) — Up to 40% of Heated & Cooled Air Leaks from the ductwork (ending up in the attic).  The older your home is, the more likely it has large leakage from the ductwork.  Many older homes had no ductwork sealing at all, or were sealed with duct tape, which fails in less that one DFW summer.

ductwork sealed with duct tape  gaps in ductwork

Poorly Sealed or Unsealed Ductwork:

  • Increases operating costs due to cooled / heated air-loss.
  • Reduces interior comfort due to cooled / heated air-loss.

ductwork sealed with mastic

Properly Sealed Ductword Service can easily pay for itself in energy savings in a short time

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