Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Common air conditioning system problems:

  • Dirt and dust is the #1 destroyer of A/C equipment
  • Frozen cooling coils due to dirty evaporating coils
  • Dirty coils cause over-amping of equipment, which can damage components and compressors
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Improper charging of A/C system
  • Low airflow
  • Dirty, wrong size, or improperly installed air conditioning filters
  • Refrigerant leaks cause moisture to enter the system which damages the compressor
  • Electronic control failure
  • Sensor problems
  • Thermostat failure


Regular Air Conditioning Tune-ups will:

  • Prolong system lifespan
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Keep you safe and comfortable in extreme weather conditions
  • Prevent HVAC system breakdowns
  • Keep your system’s warranty in good standing (most homeowners are unaware of their voided warranty if they do not service the system annually)

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When the weather turns warm, nothing is more important than a fully functional air conditioning system! A clean, high-efficiency air conditioning system will ensure your safety and comfort, and will not break down under the pressure of constant use during the summer season. And just like your car, your heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system must be inspected and maintained to deliver performance and maximize lifespan. Al’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning can inspect, maintain, repair, or replace your air conditioning system, providing peace of mind and a safe comfortable home. Our certified technicians are trained on the latest techniques and systems, providing you with the right solutions and recommendations for your heating needs. Our team goes the extra mile, making sure that our customers are more than satisfied, all at a great price!
At Al’s our air conditioning inspection and tune-ups are complete!

 Our Air Conditioning tune-ups include:

  • Refrigerant fill and replacement
  • Air conditioning filter replacement
  • Air conditioning unit cleaning
  • Cleaning air conditioning coil
  • Check electronic connections
  • Check function of thermostat

Its important to remember that air conditioning units wear out, and sometimes need to be replaced.

  • They wear out because the air-conditioner is old. In some of these cases, it may be more cost effective to replace the entire system, rather than one component.
  • Old A/C units also use R-22/Freon refrigerant. If that refrigerant is leaking, it might not be worth the cost to replace! R-22 or “Freon” is no longer made and is very expensive!
  • Compared to new units, old air conditioners are very inefficient. When an old system needs an expensive repair, the cost is likely not justified due to how much electricity it’s using.

In Plano and the surrounding area, a new air conditioner must now be a SEER-14.  If your current system was built in 1985 or earlier, it’s a SEER-7 or lower.   SEER is computed as: BTU Capacity divided by watts used.  A SEER-14 A/C uses half the electricity (to produce the same amount of cooling) as a SEER-7. With an inspection and diagnostics, Al’s can tell you what is wrong with your A/C, and the cost to repair it.  If the cost is quite high, and the unit is old, we can also give you a price to install a new, more energy-efficient system!