Ductwork Inspections & Repair

Air Ductwork Inspection & Repair

The air-distribution ductwork has been found to be only 60-75% efficient in many houses.* This means 1/4 to 1/3 of the cooled or heated air is lost due to ductwork leaks and / or poorly insulated ductwork.

A ductwork air-leakage test can be performed to determine how much air the entire ductwork is leaking.  It’s called a Static Air Pressure Test.  The test measures the amount of air going into the HVAC system (through the Return-Air Ducts).  Next, the amount of air coming from the system (through the Supply-Air Ducts) is measured.

If the test shows Air-Pressure results to be too low, there is air leaking from the ductwork.  If the test shows Air-Pressure results are too high, this means there is a air blockage in ductwork.  If your home tests low, you are sending cooled and heated air into the attic.  If your home tests too high, there is less airflow due to a blockage.  This typically results in some rooms too warm or cool while others are not warm / cool enough.   Both problems cause the HVAC system to run longer than is required.  This increases electricity bills, shortens the life of the A/C, and reduces your comfort because the system is not performing at its peak ability and efficiency.

* SOURCE: Building Technologies Program. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy • U.S. Department Of Energy

Examples of what your attic ductwork may look like:

Un-insulated Attic Ductwork

Ductwork not attached

Compressing Ductwork

Ductwork not connected

Un-insulated Ductwork Sweating

Molded Ductwork Insulation

Unlined Flex Duct

Al’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning provides comprehensive ductwork inspection and repairs (if needed). With this service, you can rest assured you are getting the maximum benefit from your air conditioning and heating system.

Al’s provides Full-Service HVAC System Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services on all brands of Air Conditioners, Furnaces and Heat Pumps (including Trane and American Standard).  We perform every service needed to keep your heating and air conditioning system running at its best.

We sell and install American Standard, Coleman and Ameristar — Air Conditioner unit, Furnace and Heat Pump.

Our HVAC Technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certified.  They are trained and experienced in providing maintenance and repair of your HVAC System + Installation of new HVAC systems.

Al’s offers Full-Service plumbing.  This includes; clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, water heater replacement for both tankless and tank water heaters, sewer line replacement (under slab or in lawn), trenchless sewer line replacement (in lawn only), slab leak repair, burst pipe repair, repiping, leak detection, water filtration system installation and sales, gas line repair, and gas line installation.

Contact Al’s today to discuss any problem you have with your Plumbing or HVAC System.  We offer appointments at your convenience & are also your Emergency Plumber resource, with 24/7 Emergency Service.  All our Plumbers are licensed and experienced in diagnosing and repairing your residential plumbing.

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Properly Installed Ductwork

Your home’s ductwork may be rigid or flexible. Either works well WHEN properly installed. Improper installation issues are far more common with flexible ductwork.

Quality flexible ductwork has all these components:

  • Plastic inner liner attached to metal helix
  • Metal helix
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Vapor barrier

Quality installation of flexible ductwork has no sagging or crimps in lines.

A quality installation of metal ductwork is wrapped with insulation (insulation type varies) plus a vapor-barrier and taping of edges.