These Simple Steps Will Help Avoid Clogged Kitchen Drains & Toilets Year-Round.  Al’s Plumbing, Heating & A/C, in Plano, Texas provides full-service plumbing maintenance, repairs, and replacements for every plumbing component in your home.  Al’s sells and installs gas & electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters.  Al’s Plumbing, Heating & A/C is near your home in Plano, Allen, and Frisco.  We service all homes in southern Collin County, TX & northeastern Dallas County, TX with no additional travel charge.

Al’s also provides maintenance & repairs for all brands of Central A/C, Gas & Electric Furnace, and Heat Pumps.  Additionally, we sell and install new HVAC Systems from American Standard (same company as Trane), Ameristar (endorsed by American Standard), and Coleman HVAC (same company as York HVAC).

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How To Avoid Clogged Drains During The Holidays





As FOG Moves Through Sewer Pipes — It Cools And Clings To The Inside Of The Pipes. Over Time A Clog Forms.

In This YouTube Video — You Can See FOG BuilT Up Inside A Sewer Pipe

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 Let FOG Cool, Put It In Disposable (like cottage cheese) Containers

And Into The Trash Instead

But What About FOG That Can’t Be Separated? 

Example: Brewed Coffee.  When you discard remaining coffee — a bit of oil ends up in the drains.

For this type of FOG – you can do monthly, drain-maintenance.  Though typically marketed for Septic Tank maintenance — RID-X works equally well on sewer pipes.  It’s an all-natural, enzyme drain cleaner that breaks down Fats, Oils, & Grease.  And, unlike chemical drain cleaners — the enzymes clean the entire surface of the pipe, versus only at the bottom.

All natural RID-X acts only on biological waste — it can’t harm sewer pipes.  Unlike chemical drain cleaners,  RID-X poses no risk to you during use.

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WHY? Because, unlike toilet paper – Baby Wipes don’t break down.  Instead, some settle to the bottom of the Sewer Main pipes — and eventually, cause a clog.  And, because, every drain in the house drains into the Sewer Main(s) — you can end up with a Whole-House Clog.

Toilet paper is designed to break down in water.  As compared, Baby Wipes are made of assorted combinations of; synthetic materials, plastics, or polyester.  None of these break down in water.

This YouTube Video Demonstrates How Baby Wipes Don’t Break Down  

If You See: “Flushable” On The Packaging — Don’t Believe It.

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This Test Demonstrates:

In around 30 Seconds: Toilet Paper completely breaks down.

20 Hours Later: Baby Wipes are still intact.