Home Decorating: Finding Your Decor Style 

(Part 1 Of A 5-Part Series)

This multi-part article strives to provide a resource for those who are starting out in home decorating, or those who want a new look for their home.  This article is intended to help you determine your decor style preference, create a decorating plan, then make it happen with modest investments of money and time.

This article will not likely be of value for those: who are seasoned home decorators, those adding multiple layers of additional decor, and those with large decorating budgets.

We have included links to additional resources that will make your Home-Decorating Journey: Informative, Interesting, Enjoyable, & Easier. The linked resources come from many well known & respected sources such as HGTV (Home & Garden Television).

Our Home Decorating Series Has 5 Parts:

  • Part 1: Finding Your Decor Style
  • Part 2: Decor Planning — Step By Step
  • Part 3: Base Colors & Visual Flow
  • Part 4: Adding Color (Beyond Base Colors) & Visual Flow
  • Part 5: Base Colors To Avoid

Determining Your Preferred Home Decor Style

Determining your Preferred Home Decor Style is the first step in your home decorating journey.  Without this initial step, it’s easy to buy furniture and decor items, each on their individual merit.  Once everything is brought together in one room, there is no identifiable decor theme.

Items look great in the store partly because they are typically displayed with other similar items.  Move any item in the store to another location, and it will likely look notably different, and likely out of place.   Determining your preferred decor style will substantially reduce the likelihood of ending up with a home full of decor items that don’t work well with each other.

 several french county arm chairs

several farmhouse style chairs  several styles of arm chairs


EXAMPLE:  The chairs within each group of photos are grouped with others from the same furniture style.   But… Start mixing chairs from different groupings (without a plan) and you will have a room with too many different styles of furniture.   This is why choosing your preferred home decor style before buying furniture is a best first step in your home decorating journey.

What Is The Best Home Decor Style?  Yours!

For those who are new to home decorating, many struggle with what their decor style is.  There are several ways to help you determine what style you like best.  Here are 3 of the easiest (and likely the most interesting) ways to determine your personal home decor style.

  • Keeping photos from home decorating magazines.
  • Watching shows like HGTV.
  • Visiting Home-Builder Model Homes.
  • Go Digital!  Use HGTV’s Rooms Viewer — Click Here: HGTV Rooms Viewer
  • We Also Show The 18 Most Popular Home Decor Styles Below

Home Decor Using Elements From Two Different Decors 

You may prefer a “light” version of a decor.  For example, mixing transitional furniture with tropical wall hangings & decorative accessories.  The style can be taken farther with tropical colors.  Another person may choose transitional furniture with Art Deco wall-hangings & decorative accessories.  Any mixing of decor is perfect, when it’s perfect for you.

tropical decor home with transitional furniture and tropical decor

This room shows all Tropical Decor                                               Transitional furniture with Tropical Decor (lamps, pillows, plant, wall-hanging)


After These Photos, We Also Provide Links To Quizzes Designed To Help You Determine Your Decor Style.

Some of the home decors below may jump out as what you like.  Others may help define what you don’t like.  There are no right or wrong decors, Home Decor is a personalized expression of what appeals to different people.

art deco decor  asian decor

Art Deco                                                                                                                                                               Asian

  • Art Deco Decor Defined: The Art Deco design movement was between World Wars I & II,  & reaching its peak during the Great Depression.  Art Deco’s glamorous attitude and flair created a distraction to the emotional & financial burdens of that period in time.
  • To learn more about Art Decco Decor, click here: “Art Deco” Decor Defined
  • Asian Decor Defined: Asian Decor reflects traditions and cultural-nuances from over the years.  The beauty in the natural world unites specific design customs from regions of Asia, while providing elegance and integrity.  Although the style has an exotic edge, it feels restful and approachable.
  • To learn more about Asian Decor, click here: “Asian” Decor Defined”


coastal decor country decor

Coastal                                                                                                                                                       Country

  • Coastal Decor Defined: The coastal look includes: airy fabrics, open space, seaside-inspired colors and beach-inspired accents.  Coastal Decor began along the Atlantic coast, where homes have ample windows to allow ocean breezes to blow through, and sturdy woods to withstand sandy feet and salty air.  Blues and whites echo the tones of the sand, sea, and sky.
  • To learn more about Coastal Decor, click here: “Coastal” Decor Defined
  • Country Decor Defined:  Country style has existed for centuries in one form or another.  American Country has a more recent look. Unpretentious and homey, it draws from the: early days of the United States, farming traditions, indigenous materials, and an emphasis on handmade furnishings and textiles.
  • To learn more about Country Decor, click here: “Country” Decor Defined


modern decor country french decor

Contemporary                                                                                                          Country French

  • Contemporary Decor Defined:  Often confused with modern, Contemporary & Modern are separate styles.  Contemporary refers to the decor trends of the moment.   Contemporary is a dramatic departure from the constraints of traditional style.  It favors: sparse over cluttered, plain over ornate, and free-form over symmetrical.
  • To learn more about Contemporary Decor, click here: “Contemporary” Decor Defined
  • Country French Decor Defined: French country decor is characterized by an elegant grace while elevating its humbler side.  Its surfaces are gently worn, and colors reflect sunny rural surroundings.  It feels more rustic than refined.
  • To learn more about Country Decor, click here: “Country” Decor Defined


craftsman decor eclectic decor

Craftsman                                                                                                                           Eclectic

  • Craftsman Decor Defined:  The Craftsman movement came as a protest against factory-made furnishings and decorative objects. Rather than embrace overly-stylized materials and forms, Craftsman style celebrated: locally native woods, architectural detailing and furnishing that have a look of simplicity.
  • To learn more about Craftsman Decor, click here: “Craftsman” Decor Defined
  • Eclectic Decor Defined: There are no rules with eclectic style. This look defines design freedom. You can intermix antiques with sleek & modern pieces, and brilliant & muted colors can be side by side.  Eclectic style places value on the unique and unexpected, celebrating the art of surprise.
  • To learn more about Eclectic Decor, click here: “Eclectiv Style Defined”


french decor french provencial decor

French                                                                                                                 French Provincial

  • French Decor Defined: From Parisian palaces to country cottages, French aristocrats set trends for fabric, furnishings and a sophisticated approach to decorating a home that still inspire us today.
  • To learn more about French Decor, click here: “French” Decor Defined
  • French Provincial Decor Defined:  French Provincial decor’s roots began as people in in France began to emulate the lavish furnishings adorning chateaux and estates.  It has evolved from a focus on decorative luxury to a warm and welcoming style. French Provincial style is more feminine than most, and uses a soothing, muted color palette.


mediterranean decor mid century modern decor

Mediterranean                                                                                                                                Mid-Century Modern

  • Mediterranean Decor Defined:  Mediterranean style travels between Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and other countries on the fringe of the Mediterranean Sea. Emphatic and evocative, this look bears hints of Moorish grace, Spanish flamboyance, & French elegance.
  • To learn more about Mediterranean Decor, click here: “Mediterranean Style Defined”
  • Mid-Century Modern Decor Defined:   The style popularity is from World War II through the 1960s.  It signifies a fresh start, plus a break with architectural and decorating conventions. Its approach to form and function, combined the purity of nature with technological innovations.
  • To learn more about Mid-Century Decor, click here: “Mid-Century” Decor Defined


minimalist decor contemporary decor

Minimalist                                                                                                                  Modern

  • Minimalist Decor Defined:  Minimalism in interior design includes minimal furniture and details. The main element of this style is attention to: shape, color and texture.  Furniture depicts streamline shapes and is upholstered with neutral colored leather.  Shiny surfaces and straight lines look ideal with this decor style. Details are typically stainless steel or chrome.
  • To learn more about Minimalist, click here: “Minimalist” Decor Defined
  • Modern Decor Defined: The term modern is often used interchangeably with contemporary, but they are not the same. While contemporary style refers to the decor trends of the moment, modern style evokes a specific sense of time and place.  Modern  is an offshoot of the minimalist architecture & design of the 1930’s plus the modernist art movement.
  • To learn more about Modern, click here: “Modern” Home Decor Defined


morroccan decor traditional decor and furnishings

Moroccan                                                                                                                                    Traditional

  • Moroccan Decor Defined: Traditional Moroccan decor is often extravagant and full of intricate detail.  Bold, geometric prints, inspired by traditional Moroccan motifs, are crop up on pillows, rugs and upholstered furniture.
  • To learn more about Moroccan Decor, click here: “Moroccan” Decor Defined
  • Traditional Decor Defined:  Traditional Decor represents time-honored forms and motifs that feel familiar and comfortable. Because it’s the look many grew up, it sparks an instinctive sense of reassurance & order.  Traditional decor often mixes furnishings with straight lines with others having curving lines.
  • To learn more about Traditional Decor, click here: “Traditional” Decor Defined.


transitional decor tropical decor

Transitional                                                                                                                    Tropical

  • Transitional Decor Defined:  The transitional look has gained popularity in the past two decades, as the contemporary glitz of the ’80’s gave way to a craving for style and comfort.  Transitional is: versatile, accessible, and open to interpretation.  It is a quite neutral furniture & decor style, making its appeal very broad.
  • Tropical Decor Defined: Tropical style springs from the area between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn.  Spanning many different countries and cultures, it has many nuances. The region’s settlers from all over the world included their own native traditions to create a multilayered and arresting blend of subtle details.
  • To learn more about Tropical Decor, click here: “Tropical” Decor Defined


western decor southwestern home decor

 Old Western                                                                                                  South Western

  • Western Decor Defined:  Western decor is influenced or inspired by the American West.  This style has always been noted by the richness of the colors and simple patterns.   “Old West” Western decor is created with washed out colors, a desert sunset palette, and has an almost gritty feel.
  • Southwestern Decor Defined: is among the most distinctly American design approaches.  “Southwest” Western decor focuses on the Southwest desert and Native American culture with vibrant colors and style. Varying shades of brown, orange, and yellow are typical
  • To learn more about South Western Decor, click here: Southwestern Decor Defined

victorian home decor

  • Victorian Decor Defined:  Victorian design is widely viewed as having indulged in a grand excess of ornament. The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles mixed with the introduction of middle east and Asian influences in furniture, fittings, and interior decor.
  • To learn more about Victorian Decor, click here: – Victorian Decorative Arts


Help Determine Your Decor Style With These Tools

HGTV “What’s Your Design Personality?” Quiz?  Click Here: HGTV “What’s Your Design Personality” Quiz

7 Additional Quizzes: BRIT + CO Seven Home Design Quizzes


1:  Go through the home decor photos above and write down a grade A B C D F for each style.  Doing this somewhat quickly will create a grade reflecting your first-reaction.

2.  Using the grades you gave each decor provides feedback as to your first impression of what appeals to you.  Do it a 2nd time, to see if your choices change.

3.  Using no more than 10 words, describe what appealed to you about your favorite decor.  Do the same with your least favorite decor.

4:  With the quizzes provided above, you may not be able to answer every question because the proposed answers simply don’t describe you.  If you find that you are not able to answer  2-3 questions in a row, stop taking that quiz and move on to another.

5: A single quiz likely can’t provide enough feedback. Instead, look for feedback commonalities from several quizzes.

6: What if your favorite and 2nd favorite are not at all similar?  Perhaps one decor belongs in formal rooms, and the other decor in non formal rooms?


Here is a great article about Mixing Different Decor Styles within a Tips For Mixing Different Decor Styles In Different Rooms

A Summary Of The Article:

  • Within One Room:
  • Use similar colors.
  • Use similar scale.
  • Choose pieces with matching lines & shapes.
  • Create visual-balance & distribute items equally.
  • Assorted furniture styles need some pieces that share the same style.
  • Match a room’s aura & intended purpose.  Informal rooms need informal decor & furnishings.  Formal rooms will have formal decor & furnishings.


This article provides 4 more tips on Mixing Home Mixing Home Decor Styles With Confidence

A Summary Of The Article:

  • Matching is not essential.
  • It is possible to have more than one style in a home.
  • The 80/20 Rule — 80% of a room’s decor should be 1 style & the remaining 20% can be another style.
  • Group like items bases on a similar element they have in common (perhaps color or size).
  • Balance: The space needs equally distributed visually.

Our Tip: If two rooms share the same visual-plain, keeping their decor similar is likely best.  If the rooms have adequate separation, using different styles poses no problems.


We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our 5-Part Series on Home Decor.  Our goal is to assist first-time decorators, and those seeking a totally different look from what they currently have.   In Parts 2-5, we will continue to include lots of photos, to give you more insight about what we are saying.  For those who would like more detail, we have provided many links as well.

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