HVAC Zoning

Zoned Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Zoned HVAC systems allow the home to be divided into two or more separate zones. Zoning allows for individual control of the temperatures within each zone. Typically the home is divided into zones, with each zone having rooms with similar heating and cooling needs.

Zoning saves energy by:

  • 1. Not heating or cooling areas of the home when it’s not needed and
  • 2. Allowing each zone to be a different temperature as desired.

Zoned systems can save up to 30% on heating and cooling expenses.

Most larger homes have two or more Heating and Air Conditioning Zones, each with it’s own Furnace and Air Conditioner.

Four zone HVAC System

Two zone HVAC System

For homes which need only one furnace and air conditioner, zoning can be accomplished by adding electrically-operated dampers which shut the zone off when the thermostat tells them no heating or cooling is needed.

The purpose of Zoning is to allow you to cool or heat only the areas you are using. Often 1 zone in the house is for the rooms used during the day, and the 2nd zone is for bedrooms only.

Zoning will reduce utility bills dramatically while extending the life of your HVAC systems, as they are only run when needed. In many cases, Zoning also increases comfort.

One example is a one-level home with bedrooms on the east and daytime living-space on the west. The bedrooms will be naturally cooler because of their east exposure. With a 2-Zone system, the bedroom’s zone won’t have to intake warmer air from the west side of the house to provide cooled air to the bedrooms.

HVAC Zoning Diagram

A 2nd example is a two-story home. The upper level will be naturally warmer because it’s against the attic. With 1 Zone, the lower floor will become too cold in order to cool the naturally warmer 2nd floor. With 2 zones, each floor will be cooled to match only its needs.

Al’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning sells and installs zoned systems. We can provide as many zones as needed for any home based on its size. Call Al’s today for an appointment to discover how zoning will increase comfort and decrease utility bills in your home.

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