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Instant Hot Water Dispenser — Hot Water Any Time You Want It!

An Instant Hot Water Dispenser is quite simple.  A cold-water line runs to the tank & another line takes the hot water to the separate faucet.  The tank is electric and thermostat controlled, so you can choose the temperature of the dispensed water.

This YouTube Video gives a visual perspective of how a Hot Water Dispenser works: How An Instant Hot Water Dispenser works

Caution:  Because the water is dispensed at a very high temperature, there is a risk of injury if misused.  This is something to consider when you have young children in the home, or an older family member who if dealing with confusion / Dementia.

Prepare Beverages 1 At A Time

Do you prefer to make coffee, hot tea, or soup 1 cup at a time?  Do you do a lot of cooking?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, an Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a tremendous convenience and time saver.

Speed Up Cooking Time Plus Have A Cooler Kitchen

It you do a lot of cooking, having water heated to near boiling temperature can speed the time it takes to cook pasta and other foods requiring boiling water.   What’s more, you can reduce the amount of heat created in the kitchen by needing a burner on high for a much shorter period of time.

Other Uses During Food Preparation:

  • Run water over jars to make them easier to open
  • Heat an ice cream scoop


Cleaning Up After Cooking

Clean And Sanitize Cooking Utensils, Baby Bottles & More

The benefits of an Instant Hot Water Dispenser don’t end with food preparation.  Because the water dispensed is so hot, it’s great for sanitizing cooking utensils, pots and pans.  If you have only an item or two, or don’t want to wash them in the dishwasher, a quick clean with a dish-brush + rising with water from the Hot Water Dispenser will leave the items clean and sanitized.  Because they become so hot during rinsing, they dry quite quickly and can be put away promptly.

If you have an infant, you can conveniently clean and sanitize each baby bottle after each use. NOTE: Put the bottle in a large coffee cup before rising the bottle.  This reduces a hot water burn risk associated with holding the bottle while filling it with very hot water.

Soak Cooking Pans With Very Hot Water

You can reduce the time needed to clean up after a meal by putting very hot water in pans and allowing them to soak while you are eating the meal.  By the time you are ready to clean up, the pans are likely ready too, because the very hot water reduces soaking time.

Clean And Sanitize The Sink

Sanitizing your sink with water near boiling temperature is  quick and easy with an Instant Hot Water Dispenser.  Consider the facts presented below.

Your toilet may be cleaner than your kitchen sink, says Eileen Abruzzo, director of infection control at Long Island College Hospital in New York.  Food particles from dishes left to soak, or rinsed from dishes on their way to the dishwasher, can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella.  They can get on your hands or spread to foods.

Although most people take steps to disinfect their toilet bowls, few give their kitchen sink the same consideration, Abruzzo tells WebMD. “They rinse their sinks with water and assume they are clean — but they’re not.”



Save Money With A Hot Water Dispenser

If your home is one which requires the water to run a long time before water is hot at the faucet, you dramatically reduce wasted water.  Additionally, heating the water pipes from the water heater to the kitchen sink each time you want warm water will cause your water heater to cycle more frequently.

Though there is a cost to operate the Instant Hot Water Dispenser, it’s quite likely less than wasted water and more frequent water heater cycling.   Instant Hot Water Dispensers are well insulated, so there is little stand-by heat loss.   Plus, the more you use the dispenser, the more money you will save.


An Instant Hot Water Dispenser can be a tremendous convenience and time saver.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may use them several times each day.  They are valuable before and after the meal, as they provide a great way to clean cooking utensils and cookware used to prepare the meal.    If you use a dispenser a few times each day, the cost of operating it will likely be less than the cost of running lots of water while waiting for it to get hot.

Al’s Plumbing, Heating & A/C sells & installs Instant Hot Water Dispensers (we install only those purchased from Al’s).  Call Al’s today to discuss adding an Instant Hot Water Dispenser.  Additionally, Al’s maintains, repairs and replaces all plumbing components and HVAC Systems of any brand.