FurnaceWe’re entering peak heating season in DFW.   Is your furnace ready?  For a detailed explanation of furnace components, see our page entitled “Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance”.

Here are some things to be checked:

Filter  Your filter should be changed as often as once a month.  Install a new one now and check it in a month.  If it looks like it should be changed, it’s time to change it.   The primary factors in how long a filter works properly are the number of people living in your home and if you have shedding pets (and how many).

Furnace Inspection:  Have your furnace checked each fall to minimize the chance of a breakdown when you need it most.   A carbon monoxide test must be performed to ensure you don’t have a cracked heat exchanger allowing carbon monoxide into your living space.

Gas furnace venting check: The venting of combustion gases to the outside is mandatory to ensure your safety.  Over time, the venting pipes can rust or become misaligned to the point the furnace is unable to vent properly and safely.

Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil check and clean if needed.  You may be wondering why this service is important in winter.  All air that passes through your furnace also passes through the Central Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil.  If it’s clogged with dirt or pet hair, air flow is reduced, reducing your comfort level and increasing heating costs. Your furnace is sized to your home based on its full operating ability, a clogged air filter or evaporator coil reduces the furnace’s ability to do its job correctly.

Blower assembly. Your blower will also accumulate debris over time, reducing its ability to move air.  Both the motor and air-moving part must be inspected and cleaned as required.

Gas burner adjustment:  The burners in a gas furnace show a steady, blue flame when working properly.  If the flame is yellow or orange, the burner requires an adjustment to the air-to-gas mixture and / or the burner needs to be cleaned.

Al’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will check all these items and more in a single furnace inspection.  Call today at 972-CALL-ALS (972-225-5257) to schedule your furnace inspection.

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