Drain Camera Scoping

See Into Water Lines & Underground Pipes to Diagnose Problems & Determine Solutions

Common reasons for drain scoping:

  • Recurring clog
  • Deep clog
  • Lost item in a drain
  • Home inspection prior to purchase
  • Septic system inspection


Al’s drain camera scoping will:

  • Diagnose the problem so an appropriate solution can be determined
  • Help find lost valuables
  • Identify broken pipes so spot repairs can be made
  • Save money by avoiding replacement of entire drains and sewer lines

Same-Day Drain Camera Scoping

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Drain Camera Scoping Near Plano, Frisco, Mckinney, Carrollton, Garland & Surrounding areas

Drain Camera Scoping Near You

Drain Camera Scoping has become an extremely valuable tool to our team at Al’s Plumbing.  Our specially-made, waterproof cameras allow us to see inside your waste lines and other underground pipes to locate where and what the problem is.  Therefore, there is no guesswork, so your problems will be resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Nearly all of your home’s waste lines begin under your home’s slab, continuing through your lawn to connect to the city’s sewer line under the street or alley.

A common cause of damage to clay sewer pipes? 

Tree roots.

Most tree roots grow 12-36 inches below the soil surface and can extend horizontally 2-3 times the diameter of the tree’s canopy. Any moisture leak from a sewer pipe will eventually attract root-intrusion from surrounding trees in their search for moisture. Roots from trees and vegetation can work into the joints between pipes and can become forceful enough to break clay pipes or corroded cast iron pipes.

Homes built before the late 1970’s have clay pipes in the lawn and cast iron pipes under the homes. From the late 1970’s to now, homes have PVC (plastic) pipes both under the home and in the lawn. PVC seldom leaks, and tree roots won’t bother a pipe if they can’t find water.

Tree roots are just one of many things which can cause the main sewer line to clog. The clog can be as simple as grease buildup, or as extensive as a pipe destroyed by tree roots.

Check Out a Few Other Reasons You May Need a Video Camera Inspection:

  • Home Inspections: Want to make sure you do not come into future plumbing problems when purchasing a home? Schedule a video inspection of your potential home with our licensed plumbers.
  • Retrieving Lost Items: Losing a sentimental or valuable item down the drain can seem disheartening. With our video inspection, we can help you save time and money in locating your valuables.
  • Inspecting Septic Systems: An inspection will allow you to monitor the condition of your septic system and let you know when repairs or maintenance are necessary.
  • Remodeling Inspections: Before you do any bathroom or kitchen remodeling in your home, make sure your plumbing system can withstand new additions and increased waste flow.

Our video camera inspections are the easiest way to prevent future emergencies or determine the cause and location of present plumbing problems.