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Al’s Plumbing repairs or replaces drains, sewer waste-lines, and water-supply pipes inside and under your home. We also repair or replace main sewer lines found in your lawn (connecting to the city sewer main).

The water-supply and sewer waste-lines in your home will last for many years. While these lines last a long time, they need maintenance and may require repairs if the slab foundation of your home moves due to changes in the moisture level.  This slab movement can break water lines and sewer pipes, as they are attached to the slab in many places.

Also, check our Slab Leaks page to learn how you can reduce the chance of damage to your pipes caused by a moving slab. Proper moisture-maintenance along the outside edges and under your home substantially reduces slab movement.

We do any plumbing repair and replacement — and no job is too big or too small!

Zip It® 

The 18-inch length of the Zip It®  should be enough to reach the trap (the part which looks like an “S” on its side). The trap is where the clog can most likely be.

If hair is not causing the clog, a plunger may be an inexpensive solution.

While not effective on hair, a plunger may remove build-up, which can clog bath and kitchen drain over time. Fill the sink 1/3 full with water, then move the plunger up and down several times. Remove the plunger by pulling up and away from the drain. If you see black debris (which has a foul odor) — that’s what you are trying to remove. Remove the debris and flush down the toilet and repeat to see if you can adequately clear the drain.


For toilet clogs, try a plunger first. If that doesn’t work, you can try a drain-snake. The curled end is designed to catch on debris, or push a hole through it, which may clear the line. Remove the drain-snake, then flush to see if the toilet is working. Do this on all four edges of the toilet opening as needed.

NOTE: Wear Rubber Gloves. You are dealing with debris which has clogged a toilet — and we all know what that debris most likely is.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

While this won’t unclog a garbage disposal, it will reduce the likelihood of it clogging.

Good garbage disposal maintenance includes a periodic purging of the drain line leading from the disposal. To purge the drain, add 2-4 inches of water, remove the drain plug and turn on the disposal. All collected water gets pushed through the drain very quickly.

In addition to being a part of good maintenance, you should also clear your drain line after disposing of particularly fibrous foods to help ensure all food particles make their way completely down the drain, to the larger collection-pipe under the home.

Drain Clearing

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