Garbage Disposals

Al’s Plumbing Replaces Any Residential Garbage Disposal

Al’s Plumbing and HVAC replaces all garbage disposal brands. We carry 1 Premium Brand of Disposal.  This disposal is not available at Big Box Discount Home Centers.

Brand: Wolverine Brass  Model: The Beast

wolverine brass the beast garbage disposal


• Permanent magnet high-speed “Vortex” powered motor at 2,600 RPM
• Continuous speed feed
• Larger capacity
• 2 stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming and grind to less than 3mm particles
• Fully insulated for quite operation
• Removable splash-guard included

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Al’s offers Full-Service plumbing.  This includes; water heater repair, water heater replacement for both tankless and tank water heaters, sewer line replacement (under slab or in lawn), trenchless sewer line replacement (in lawn only), slab leak repair, burst pipe repair, repiping, leak detection, water filtration system installation and sales, gas line repair, and gas line installation.

These repairs are only part of what Al’s can do for your plumbing.  We do any type of plumbing repair and replacement — and no job is too big or too small

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Tips To Clear Your Garbage Disposal

Al’s Tip-1: If your disposal suddenly stops working, but you can hear it hum, it may be jammed. A tool is provided with all new disposers which inserts into the bottom of the disposer, allowing you to turn the jammed disposer to free the jam. You can buy a replacement wrench at most home stores.

Al’s Tip-2: If you have odor coming from your disposal, there is likely some food remaining in the hopper. Fill your sink 1/4 full with water, remove the drain plug and turn the disposer on. This will provide a very strong flow of water which should flush the disposal well.

Al’s Tip-3: If Tip-2 did not rid the disposal of odor, there are many “disposal cleaners” which you simply drop in, turn on hot water and the disposer. Many will foam to the point it comes out the disposal’s drain. No need to worry, the foam disappear near the end of the cleaning cycle.

Al’s Tip-4: If Tip-3 did not rid the odor. Go through the cleaning process again, but turn the disposer OFF half way through the cleaning. Insert a dish-clean brush inside the disposer (turned off) and clean both the back side of the rubber gasket PLUS the sides of the disposer drain just below the gasket. Remove brush, turn on hot water and disposer again to allow the cleaning to complete.

NOTE: If you hear a humming sound when you turn your disposer on, but it does not spin, view the YouTube video below showing how you can correct a common disposer problem — a grinding-chamber which has stuck. It also discussed pressing the “reset” button before assuming the disposer has failed.

DIY & Troubleshooting Videos

Here is a YouTube video showing how to troubleshoot and easy fixes for your disposal. If you can’t or don’t want to do the repair call Al’s today for Same Day Service. Al’s replaces any residential garbage disposal.