Slab Leak or Foundation Leak

Detect Then Repair Leaks in Your Slab or Foundation

Why Do Slab Leaks Occur?

Cracked water pipes are the leading cause of slab leaks. A Slap leak often results from foundation movement. The clay soil, especially in the DFW area, shrinks and expands to a great degree, based on its moisture content, causing the slab to move upward (when the clay is wet and expanding) and move downward (when the clay is dry and shrinking). As a result of uncontrolled slab movement, slab cracks or heaving can occur. Water lines are below the slab of the home and fastened to the slab in places. Slab failures create tremendous pressure on water lines, which can cause them to crack or burst. Al’s Plumbing can repair water lines by removing and replacing the section of pipe that has cracked. For an older home, Al’s can replace all of the water pipes, if needed.

When replacing water pipes, Al’s uses “Tunneling” instead of breaking open the home’s slab. We dig a trench under the home and do all repairs from under the home.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize they have a potential slab leak situation until some major damage occurs to the home. However, some signs can quickly alert you to an issue beneath your slab.

Some of the signs are;

• Warm spots on flooring that indicates a hot water leak beneath the slab

• Toilet backup or poor flushing ability

• Unexplained moisture in the home

• Unexplained odors in the home

• Shifting or changes in the foundation

• Increased water bills

• Unusual water collection around the outside of the home

AL’S TIP: To reduce slab movement, it’s important your home have rain gutters with downspout extensions directing water two or more feet away from the home’s foundation. Secondly, the foundation needs to be “watered” in the summer to keep moisture levels consistent. To learn more about minimizing slab movement see our page Slab Leak Detection and Repair.

Why is a Slab Leak Dangerous?

The health concerns caused by a slab leak are nothing to take lightly. Excessive water leads to mold. Breathing in the mold for an extended period can lead to respiratory-health issues. If you find dampness or mold in your carpet and carpet pad, contact a slab leak detection specialist to locate and repair the leak right away. A slab leak causes the moisture level in the clay below your home to increase continually. The expansion of the clay near the leak will cause far more pressure on the slab than it was designed to accommodate, resulting in heaving and cracking of the slab at the site of the leak if left unrepaired for an extended period.

Finding & Confirming a Slab Leak?

To properly find a slab leak, electronic detection tools are required. If you suspect a leak, find leak-detection specialists such as our team of licensed team of plumbers at Al’s Plumbing. We will confirm you have a leak before digging into the concrete. The location of the leak can easily be different that one would suspect without electronic detection to find it. Al’s Plumbing, Slab leaks can do major damage to your home’s foundation. The longer you wait, the potential exists for higher repair bills later. Additionally, your water bills will skyrocket. If you think you have a slab leak, give our team at Al’s Plumbing a call — we will find it fast. We will determine the source of the slab leak and provide you with repair options that won’t break the bank! Sewer Lines Sewer reconstruction is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

Why not choose a trusted trenchless pipe repair company, with more than a 25 years of experience dealing with the headaches of fixing a sewer line and water pipes.

• Trenchless sewer repair is non-invasive

• It is a technique that can save you thousands of dollars

• Trenchless repairs are possible in most situations

• Full Bore Inc. is the trenchless technology leader

Our team at Al’s Plumbing will work with you to comprehensively address your needs promptly. Most of all, we specialize in trenchless techniques, so you don’t have to worry about extensive damage to your lawn or landscape. Our primary goal when handling these sensitive jobs is to fix your sewer as quickly as possible, minimizing the overall impact to your home. A sewer break is far more than a minor inconvenience, and health and sanitation issues must be addressed immediately. “Trenchless” Method for Replacing Sewer Lines: 1. Pipe Bursting is the first method. We insert a pipe-bursting machine through small access holes where the damaged pipe starts and stops. The machine breaks up the damaged pipe and pulls new replacement pipe through at the same time. 2. Adding an Epoxy Liner can often repair existing pipes instead of replacing them (depends on the condition of the existing pipe). Al’s Plumbing adds an epoxy liner inside the existing pipe, creating a tough new inner wall. Pipe relining is good for root-damaged pipes, rusted pipes, and to seal cracks and holes. Also, if there is no water leaking, the tree roots will leave it alone. Al’s Plumbing provides Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs or Replacements and completed without digging up your lawn or breaking through the slab inside your home. If you are experiencing trouble with your sewer, please give our team of licensed technicians to schedule fast, same day service. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive job analysis outlining your options and a detailed free estimate.

Slab Leaks

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