Water Line Repair

Diagnose Then Repair or Replace Water Lines & Pipes

One of the most common problems in DFW area slab leaks due to a cracked water pipe, often resulting from slab-foundation movement. The clay soil in DFW shrinks and expands to a great degree, based on its moisture content, causing the slab to move upward (when the clay is wet and expanding) and move downward (when the clay is dry and shrinking).

As a result of uncontrolled slab movement, slab cracks or heaving can occur. Water pipes are below the slab of the home, fastening to the slab in places. Slab failures create tremendous pressure on water pipes, which can cause them to crack or burst.

AL’S TIP: To reduce slab movement, it is important your home have rain gutters with downspout extensions directing water 2 or more feet away from the home’s foundation. Secondly, the foundation needs to be “watered” in the summer to keep moisture levels consistent. To learn more about minimizing slab movement see our page slab leak detection and repair.

Al’s Plumbing can repair water pipes by removing and replacing the section of pipe which has cracked. For an old home, Al’s can replace all of the water pipes if needed.

When replacing water pipes, Al’s uses “Tunneling” instead of breaking open the home’s slab. We dig a trench under the home and do all repairs from under the home.

Water Lines

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