Inquire About An Al’s HVAC Preferred Maintenance Agreement

 Al’s HVAC Preferred Maintenance Agreement (PMA)

Prices start at $240.00 per year.  Call 972-225-5257 For Details

HVAC Preferred Maintenance Agreement Includes These Benefits:

Complimentary Annual Whole House Plumbing Inspection (Visual)

Discounts on all new Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, and Furnace Purchases.

10% Discount on all repairs.

Priority Scheduling for all maintenance and repair appointments.

Annual Inspection of A/C and Furnace (included) ensures Safe and Proper operation at Maximum Efficiency:

  • Our HVAC Inspections go beyond a simple Check-Up.
  • We determine if any components require cleaning (such as outside A/C unit).
  • We perform diagnostics to assess your entire HVAC System’s current condition.
  • We check for components showing signs of upcoming failure.
  • We report any issues to you, providing advance notice of impending failure(s).
  • We give advice on the problem and what is involved to repair it before it quits.

Annual Inspection of all (visible) Plumbing.  We will inspect and notify you if any problems exist. 

How regular HVAC System Maintenance and Inspections Benefit You:

Proper maintenance is required for the System to:

  • Operate at maximum energy-efficiency.  Did you know a dirty A/C (outside) unit can increase cooling costs by up to 25%?
  • Operate at maximum cooling / heating capacity.  Did you know a dirty furnace filter reduces air-flow, and can increase cooling by up to 15%?
  • Maximize HVAC System lifespan. Did you know a dirty & unmaintained HVAC System works harder, and wears out faster?
  • Minimize breakdowns by spotting problems before the system quits.  Did you know many HVAC components show signs of failure before they actually fail?
  • Your Service Tech knows about your system before they arrive
  • We bring the most likely needed repair parts based on your system’s age and brand

Why choose Al’s Plumbing, Heating & A/C for your HVAC Maintenance Agreement:

  • Al’s Preferred Maintenance Agreement is among the most comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Plans
  • Quick Response time with a fleet of Service Vehicles
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Priority Service for Al’s Preferred Members
  • Nate Certified HVAC Technicians
  • Continuing Training keeps Technicians knowledgeable of rapidly advancing HVAC technology

NOTE: We don’t sell email addresses or phone numbers. Your email may be used to advise of Al’s Special Promotions and Maintenance Service Suggestions.