This article details the six companies that make 24 A/C Brands — and the brands made by each company.   The A/C brand is the same for furnaces and heat pumps.

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These six companies make 24 A/C brands

These six companies make 24 A/C brands:

  • Trane Technologies makes; Trane, American Standard, Oxbox, and AmeriStar HVAC.  In 1984, American Standard acquired Trane.  In 2008, Ingersol Rand acquired Trane.   In 2008, Ingersol Rand broke into 3 Divisions  — the HVAC Division was renamed Trane.  Trane Technologies was formed in 2020.  Trane Technologies is located in Davidson, NC. **
  • Carrier Corporation makes; Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Payne, Comfortmaker, Tempstar & Arcoaire.  Carrier is owned by United Technologies Corp (UTC).   In April 2020, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) merged with the Raytheon Company — to form Raytheon Technologies.  Raytheon Technologies is located in Waltham, MA.
  • Goodman Manufacturing makes; Goodman & Amana A/C brands.  In 2012, Daikin bought Goodman.  Daikin North America LLC is located in Houston, TX.  It operates as an independent subsidiary of Daikin Group.  Daikin is located in Osaka, Japan.  Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC Systems.  Daikin bought Goodman to expand into the U.S. HVAC market.
  • Nortek Global makes; Maytag, Frigidaire, Gibson, Nutone, Broan, Mammoth.  They are located in O’fallon, MO (near St. Louis).  ***
  • Rheem Manufacturing makes; Rheem, Ruud, and Weatherking.  Rheem is located in Atlanta, GA.
  • York makes; York, Coleman & Luxaire HVAC.   York is located in Chicago, IL.  Coleman is located in Norman, OK.

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Why Are There So Many A/C Brands?

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Why do six companies make 24 A/C brands? Most HVAC brands offer 2 to 3 price-points: “Good, Better, & Best.”  They often have a different brand name assigned to each price point.


  • Trane HVAC sells two “Best” brands — Trane and American Standard.
  • They also sell two “Good” brands: Ameristar and Oxbox.
  • The “Good” brands don’t use the same components the “Best” brands use.   They have a Copeland ® brand compressor.


Trane & American Standard Brands Have A Proprietary “Clima-Tuff” ® Brand Compressor (they make it themselves)  

This story tells of the reliability and longevity of the Clima-Tuff ® brand Compressor

Snowball I was the original Climatuff® compressor.  It began its life in late 1972 and ran for nearly 28 years.  It ran at an estimated 3,500 rpm — equaling an automobile running 60 — 70 miles per hour, and covering 14.8 million miles.  Five presidents later — and after the rise & fall of; disco, glam rock, and grunge music,  Snowball finally ran out of steam — and created a legacy for the Trane Climatuff® compressor, found in every Trane air conditioner and heat pump today. **

Snowball II is the current Climatuff® compressor located at Trane’s Compressor Test Lab in Tyler, TX.   Snowball II has been running nonstop since 2000 — and is inside a block of ice that it created.  Our technicians have tried to break our Climatuff® compressor over 900 ways.  Trane says” “If a product doesn’t make it through our test lab — it doesn’t get made.”

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Are Climatuff® compressors superior to Copeland?   That answer would be an opinion — we provide only facts.

outdoor unit for central a/c and for ductless a/c   

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Shown:  Goodman/Amana brand Central A/C (left) — Compressor For Ductless A/C System (on right)


Reliability & Owner Satisfaction Survey — Results By Brand

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In 2019, Consumer Reports Magazine did a study of their members — for 21,770 central A/C systems installed between 2007–2018. 

Predicted Reliability (highest score = 10).  Ratings below are based on a statistical model that estimates problem rates within the first 5 years of ownership.

8  Trane

7  American Standard

7  Bryant, Carrier (same company), Lennox

6  Amana & Goodman (same company), Day & Night, Payne, Rheem, Rudd, Tempstar

4 Coleman & York & Luxaire (same company), Maytag, Frigidaire


Owner Satisfaction (highest score = 10).

9 American Standard & Trane (same company), Carrier & Bryant (same company), Lennox

7 Rheem, Rudd

6 Amana, Day & Night, Frigidaire, Maytag, Payne, Tempstar

5 Goodman, York & Coleman & Luxaire (same company)


Consumer Reports said: Five (A/C brands) rated Fair (for reliability).  Consumer Reports did not recommend these brands:

York & Coleman & Luxaire (same company)

Maytag & Frigidaire (same company).




The Contractor Installing A New HVAC Is As Important (or perhaps more) Than The HVAC Equipment Brand

A “Good” HVAC brand with an excellent installation — will likely outperform a “Best” brand with shoddy installation.   Particularly with flexible ductwork — (which is used in most new HVAC System Installations) — if the ductwork is not installed correctly to specifications — the HVAC System will perform poorly.

Air-flow through an HVAC System is one of the most important operating characteristics.   If ductwork is poorly installed — or is too small for the furnace — airflow is compromised, and the System can’t perform as it was designed to.   This condition will; reduce comfort, raise cooling & heating costs — and will wear the System out faster.  It can also cause the furnace to overheat and shut down to protect itself.  The furnace will start running again once it’s cooled down — but will become damaged by multiple overheating-events.


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TIP:  Tell your contractor you want photos of all the flexible ductwork once it’s installed.


All HVAC Brands (except American Stanard & Trane) — Use Copeland BrandCompressors.

There might be an exception somewhere — but it’s rare.


Copeland Scroll™ UltraTech™ Compressor

In 2016 — Copeland announced a Second-Generation, Variable-Speed Compressor(s) began production.  Copeland originally began making Variable-Speed, Scroll, Compressors in 2011. **

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In January of 2017 – Copeland announced a Second-Generation, Two-Stage A/C Compressor.   The second-generation, two-stage, Scroll, A/C compressor operates at 65% & 100% capacity — to more closely match cooling-output to the home’s current cooling-demand.  Two-stage compressors deliver higher energy-efficiency when operating at the lower capacity (during milder weather).

Copy this into your browser to see a Brochure For 2nd Version Copeland Scroll Compressor: 2nd Generation Copeland Two-Stage A/C Compressor


What Is A Scroll A/C Compressor?

A Scroll Compressor contains 1 fixed coil in the center of the unit.  A second coil rotates around that fixed coil The rotating coil pushes refrigerant towards the center, which compresses it.   Until recently the Scroll A/C Compressor operated at only 1 speed.  As compared — reciprocating (piston) Compressors can operate at many different speeds.

Now, Copeland brand Scroll compressors are make as Single-speed,  Two-Speed, or Variable-Speed.   Two-stage units provide either partial-load & full-load capacity within a single compressor.  Scroll compressors change speed while they are running.   Reciprocating compressors operate at partial-load capacity — by shutting off some of their cylinders.  Depending on the size of the compressor, a reciprocating compressor can have as many as 8 cylinders.

Image Source: YouTube Embedded Video.

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What Is A Reciprocating (piston) A/C Compressor?

The reciprocating (piston) compressor is the most common.  A piston compresses the refrigerant by moving up & down inside a cylinder (much like a car engine).  As the piston moves down, it draws refrigerant into the cylinder.  As the piston moves up– the gas compresses.

Click On The Arrow In The Image Below To Watch How A Reciprocating (piston) Compressor Works.

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An A/C Compressor’s Outside Appearance Tells You Which Type It Is

Click Here To See A Reciprocating (piston) A/C Compressor (short & wide): Reciprocating (piston) A/C Compressor

Click Here To See A Scroll A/C Compressor (tall & narrow):  Scroll A/C Compressor