Al’s Sells Only The Rheem Professional Grade Water Heater

Al’s Plumbing will replace any brand of water heater located anywhere in your home.   We sell only Rheem Professional Grade water heaters.  If it doesn’t say Professional on the label at the top, it’s not Professional-Grade.

Gas water heaters last up to 10 years. Electric ones last up to 15 years.

What is Special About Rheem Professional Grade?

Water heaters begin to leak because the steel water tank corrodes over time and pin-holes form.

1. All water heaters have a glass lining which protects the tank from corrosion.  All liners fail over time, allowing water to get to the steel tank.

Rheem Professional Grade water heaters have a thicker glass lining which is baked longer.  These factors make the liner last longer.

2.  All water heaters have one Anode Rod.  This rod starts to attract the corrosion (caused by the water) which minimizes the tank corrosion after the glass liner fails.

Rheem Professional Grade has one Anode Rod with an optional port for a second rod.

The Anode Rod is made of magnesium which corrodes easier than steel. This is how the Anode Rod protects the steel tank.

This rod’s purpose to the extend the life of the water heater’s steel tank by providing a place for corrosion to occur instead of the steel tank. Magnesium is weaker than steel, so it attracts the corrosion instead of the steel water tank.

New Anode Rod (top) Worn-out Rod (bottom)
New Anode Rod (top)
Worn-out Rod (bottom)

3. Electric Rheem Professional Grade water heaters include a Stainless Steel (low positioned) heating element.  This rod is more energy efficient and last longer than conventional steel elements.

Cold water enters the water heater and sinks to the bottom of the tank. Once heated, water rises to the top.  There are two heating elements, one higher (near the top) and one lower (near the bottom).

What does all this mean to me?  Rheem Professional Grade water heaters last longer due to the thicker glass liner.  They will last even longer with the optional 2nd Anode Rod.


If you need gas or electric water heater repairs or replacement, Al’s Plumbing can handle your needs right away.  Call today for an appointment to understand what’s wrong with your water heater, whether it needs a repair or replacement and why Rheem Professional Grade Water Heaters provide the best value.

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